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Focused exclusively on the Media and Entertainment sectors, Atwater Capital was founded with the vision of uniting the valuable creative aspects of evaluating investments and growing companies with deep operational and financial expertise under one roof and one team.   Going against the status quo of traditionally segregating these critical activities, Atwater seeks to extract the synergies of applying quantitative rigor to creative strategy on behalf of our portfolio companies and stakeholders.

Comprehensive Approach

Atwater Capital brings a track record of excellence in operational and financial strategy to deliver tangible results.  Whether through optimizing operational processes, unlocking business development opportunities, delivering an extensive network of influencers to create authentic messaging, or digitizing away from ineffective and capital-intensive traditional branding activities – Atwater brings nimble and disruptive strategies to our investments.   


While reputations can be influenced by a myriad of factors, character is steadfast. We are incontrovertibly committed to upholding our character as executives, and on behalf of our stakeholders.  We are committed to developing and maintaining long-term professional relationships – a guiding principal in how we work and in how we treat others.  Unity not only benefits us as a company, but also what we are capable of creating for our LPs. 

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